Are you traveling Korea with your lovely dog? Welcome to Jelly Pet Salon!

Are you traveling Korea with your lovely dog? Welcome to Jelly Pet Salon!

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배곧 애견 미용 젤리펫살롱 · 4층 406호, 32-17 Baegot 4-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Are you visiting Korea with your lovely dog?

You should know about Jellypetsalon!

Premium Pet Salon in South Korea

Welcome to Jelly Pet Salon, Your Trusted Pet Grooming Service in the Baegot/Songdo area. Jelly Pet Salon is a premium salon for those who want high-quality services.

From Skilled Pet Lovers

Jelly Pet Salon is not just any pet salon. We're a premium destination committed to providing high-quality grooming for your beloved dogs. We understand that your pet deserves nothing but the best, and that's what we're here to offer. Come, step into a world of luxury for your pet at Jelly Pet Salon. Let your dog have another unforgettable memory in Korea Please find our unique service from the following pages.

Sophia Jeon, Representative of Jelly Pet Salon

-Current -

Instructor at The HOLOS Animal Aroma Academy

CEO of Jelly Pet Salon with Aroma

-Relevant Educations & Certificates-

Pet Care Giver Level 1

Pet Behavior Corrector Level 1

Korea Pet Federation Certified Groomer Level 2

Korea Pet Federation Certified Groomer Level 3

Korea Pet Association Dog Stylist Level 3

The HOLOS Animal Aroma Academy Pet Aroma Expert

JPMA Pet Massage Level 2

Premium Service #1 Private Pet Spa

At Jelly Pet Salon, we understand that some dogs may feel uneasy or uncomfortable in the presence of other dogs. To cater to the needs of your special and cherished companion, we offer an exclusive private pet spa service. This private space ensures your pet can relax and enjoy their grooming session without any stress, in an environment that's calm, peaceful, and dedicated solely to their comfort. Let your precious pet enjoy a day of pampering at Jelly Pet Salon, tailored specifically to their needs.

Private pet spa course includes all the following:

Natural Aroma Bubble Spa Hair Cut (Entire body Short Cut) Natural Aroma Shampoo / Conditioning / Drying Tooth Brushing Ear Cleaning Feet Cleansing and Shaving Nail Trimming Removing Black Heads on Belly Expressing Anal Gland Aroma Massage

It starts from 70,000 Won($53.0) by your dog's weight. Please refer to the price table for the details. USD price is for helping your understanding. We receive Korean Won only.

Premium Service #2 Specially Selected Top 0.1% Quality Products Only

Jelly Pet Salon uses only the top 0.1% quality products selected by aroma experts to provide high-end services. Our only two criteria for selecting products is, if the product can be used gently on our dogs and if the product makes them feel relaxed. What is even more surprising is that Jelly Pet Salon transparently discloses all products used in the service to the owners. The fact that we can disclose all the products we use is possible because of the pride of Jelly Pet Salon, which carefully selects and uses only premium products.

Premium Service #3 Customized Spa Service

At Jelly Pet Salon in Baegot, we specialize in providing expert pet aromatherapy and grooming/spa services for dogs. Our services are specifically tailored to deliver the optimal effects of aromatherapy for your pet. We consider every aspect of your dog's individual needs including their unique skin condition, underlying health issues, and other relevant factors. This attention to detail allows us to conduct a truly personalized aromatherapy spa experience designed exclusively for your beloved canine companion.

Location & Contacts

Jelly Pet Salon operates strictly on an appointment-only basis, for maintaining our high standard. Please contact us and check availability of the day you want to visit.

If you are comfortable speaking in Korean

Mobile: 010-2246-9664 (Korea)

(We might miss your phone call during the time we are providing the service to customers. Please leave a message in this case.)

If you want to communicate with English

Mobile: +1 303 945 6131 (USA)


If you speak English only, my brother will help you to make an appointment.

배곧 애견 미용 젤리펫살롱 · 4층 406호, 32-17 Baegot 4-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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